Thursday, January 17, 2013

Farewell 2012 . Welcome 2013

Greetings in the year of the snake. #hiss 

Looking back, I realised that since the starting of my final year, I had not posted up any entries except for a couple of highly emotionally unstable passages. I guess I can safely conclude that though it had been quite a distinct period of time, with my current state of mind as well as encounters, the time had not been sufficient and I just could not bring myself to write anything before.

Now let me do a quick recall on the happenings for the 'lost time'.

Our second anniversary! So they say, happy moments flash by the fastest. We had been together for two years and 2 months now. Although there had been ups and downs in between, but thank God that we are still holding on to each other. And may we grow together in the Lord.

A romantic buffet dinner at Flamingo Hotel

The food was alright, nothing to shout about but who can turn down fresh mussels and prawns as well as arrays of mouth-watering desserts

Yours truly

I had finally 'conquered' the Penang Bridge, in a slow and leisure way though. 

Completed my Penang Bridge marathon in less than 2 hours. 

The 'queen' of the house, my mother, had aged another year even though she will remain young at heart, no doubt about that. Haha. We had a celebration at Gurney Plaza and the birthday lady chose Tian Ding Xiang for her birthday lunch. We opted for the set lunch which came with half a Chinese Peking duck, three dishes, soup-of-the-day and dessert-of-the-day.

Even though I cannot remember the price of that meal, but it was definitely worth it as all the dishes were absolutely delicious.

After the filling meal, we had a walk around the mall before heading to Tong Pak Fu for some dessert as my mum had been raving about this since their first branch was opened in Penang.

We had the award-winning green tea and durian shaved ice.

The Christian Fellowship in campus held an early Christmas celebration before the study week to invite fellow campus-ians to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ together.

I just had to post this lovely 'snowflakey' picture. Aww.. I am so gonna miss my cute and lovely juniors and friends after i graduate.

Had my first run around the campus. Heck it was tiring but FUN!~ And I am pretty sure I ran the year's quota that particular day. Hehe.

One of my favourite festival of the year, winter solstice. I simply love love these chewy glutinous balls. Although I was away from home, thanks to the owner of a eatery that I still got a 'chew' of home.

Christmas, isn't Christmas, till it happens in your heart. A meaningful Christmas with Ducky, Jia Jia and the ever-adorable Ah Bui joining the celebration. It had been so long since there were so many of us gathered together, having a great time in one another's company.

Kachak~! Ah Bui in the house

Receiving the new year for the very last time in Parit Buntar Baptist Church. A wonderful and memorable one.

A blessed study week and finals, even though my brain was at the verge of bursting and my nerves cracking, there were always love for me from a lot of different parties and I m really thankful for that.

Brunch on the first day of 2013

Biscuits all the way from Ipoh

Brunch before my design viva

Even a beautiful dragonfly stopped by when we were the only ones in the cafe rushing for our viva

Dinner at Fong Ting Siew, Serdang, Kedah after viva where we had a really good laugh and chatted about all sorts of nonsense we could came up with.

A lovely gift from my sweet juniors

This year is going to be different than the previous as I am finally going to enter into a totally new stage of life. There are uncertainties and past burdens that had been haunting me ever since. For my new year resolution, I am going to make one and only one and making sure that I keep it, that is to put everything into God's hands and to always pray for the right decision to make.

That's all for this unorganised entry and wishing everyone a GREAT year ahead.

Coming up: Winter in Taiwan!~


Anonymous said...

Emily, glad to know that you will have total faith in God and to always pray for the right decision to make. Do read James chapter 2 summed up in the last verse 26 which says "So then, as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without actions is dead."
May your relationship with your special one blossom in the godly way.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 to you. Take care!